To begin with, let’s define terms: Shopify POS is an app that offers a built-in point of sale solution to merchants using our favorite e-commerce platform (that would be Shopify).

The app is developed by Shopify’s DEV team and it’s basically an extra feature for Shopify costumers. The app helps with tracking orders and inventory across all retail locations ( POS stands for point of sale by the way) as well as other active sales channels.

Moreover, Shopify POS can also be used to control your web store’s orders.

Shopify recently improved their POS app, and if you’re a merchant, here’s what you should know about the recent changes: you can now buy online and pick up in store as a customer, or use curbside pickup via brand-new point-of-sale software.

The app also offers built-in reporting to help you make informed decisions when it comes to daily sales, average order value, and an average number of products per order. All these things are now visible in the app.

You also get staff permissions, i.e. you’ll have full control over over what information and workflows are visible to your employees, and you can provide them with the tools they need, and keep things secure in the process.

You can now create personalized customer profiles that connect online and in-store transactions, so you may send comprehensive reminders and improve your marketing efforts to any new clients generated in-store.

Smart inventory management is also available, so you can promote your best selling merchandise; the app helps you to identify which items sell first, so you can improve cash flow via moving inventory faster.

Finally, customer support has been improved, and you can now participate in business discussions, and get tech support from other members of the community.

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