Harley Finkelstein Predicts Post Covid Physical Retail Revival

Harley Finkelstein is Shopify’s boss and during a recent Twitter-storm, he said that physical retailers are definitely going to score a big comeback in a so-called post covid world, despite facing unprecedented disruption over the past twelve months, due to government imposed restrictions.

Harley went on to Twitter, just like Elon Musk, and took the world by storm via a series of tweets, arguing that the future of retail is going to be, let’s say, mixed race, like everything in advertising nowadays. More precisely, Shopify’s boss argues that future retail is going to be binary, as in both online and offline, as in everywhere, hence companies should prepare for this and build their brands accordingly.

Here’s one of the tweets from the Twitter storm:

Harley also offered a piece of advice to his followers:

After 12 months of various degree restrictions, US consumers plan to shop more at brick and mortar stores in 2021, 78 percent of them at least. Why? Well, because people actually enjoy the physical (as in normal) shopping experience, where they get out of their houses, mingle with people and interact with shop assistants, not to mention being actually capable of seeing/touching/trying the goods before buying.

According to a recent survey, 63 percent of Americans interviewed just want to get out of the house, hence shop owners must make sure they have an inviting in store atmosphere and employ knowledgeable, believable staff. That again is from a survey on 1000 people.

Shoppers are also fond of QR codes, apps and self-checkout systems, as in they are looking for a mix of high technology and old-school shopping experience. Just to give you a little bit of perspective, 78 percent of consumers are currently using their smartphones as a “shopping aide” and 45 percent use retailer apps to improve their experience.

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