MiniDOGE has integrated with Shopify Through CoinPayments

The good news for crypto-bugs is that MiniDOGE has integrated with Shopify via CoinPayments to give 2.8 million merchants worldwide the ability to accept MiniDOGE tokens as payment.

Basically, MiniDOGE can now be used as a payment source on Shopify, as merchants operating on the platform are now able to accept MiniDOGE tokens as payment!

That means you can order millions of products/services and pay with MiniDOGE, as global payment crypto gateway CoinPayments made it possible, easy and accessible for everyone.

CoinPayments already has processed over $10 Billion In Crypto Payments since 2013, and according to various experts, MiniDOGE proved to be a powerful competitor in the crypto market, offering millions of people the opportunity to access crypto in daily life ,that you can use to buy and sell. 

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