PideDirecto Aims to be ‘Shopify with 30-minute deliveries’

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, and here PideDirecto comes into play. Before you ask, PideDirecto is a Mexican company, and the breaking news is that Hussein Fawzi and Ronni Samir, the two guys that launched the company, are aiming at developing a Shopify-like platform in Latin America that enables local SMEs to sell directly to their clients and deliver orders in half an hour or less.

Hence, the Shopify with 30-minute deliveries, which sounds almost impossible without AI-powered Amazon-like high-speed drones, but these guys are serious about their business.

The company was launched last year with a little help from 2 sponsors, Anders Steiner and Antonio Nacoud respectively, after they discovered that the demand for home deliveries went from 10% to 80% due to government restrictions following the covid extravaganza.

PideDirecto currently has something like  $5.25 million in seed fundingled by JAM FUND, with participation from Soma Capital, Acacia Ventures, Kube VC, Flexport, Y Combinator and a group of individual investors from companies including Grubhub, Jeeves, Par Technologies, Uber and Google, which makes it something like a Mexican Unicorn (just kidding).

Since its launching in September 2020, PideDirecto grew 32 percent month over month, which is fantastic, and has approximately 1,000 brand clients , not to mention the fact that it processed more than 500,000 orders so far.

PideDirecto uses a SaaS business model, with pricing starting at $125/month, including marketing tools and delivery services. Premium subscriptions include unlimited ordering, a website and high-end marketing tools. Interestingly enough, customers pay for delivery.

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