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Multiple Verification Options

Display buttons for quick verification or use a birthday check for advanced verification.

Ensure Legal Compliance

Easily add a professional looking age verification on your website to deter underage visitors,

Page-specific Age Validation

Add Age verify popup only on certain pages not entire website.

The 18 Plus Age Verification Popup app offers multiple verification options, plus it ensures legal compliance and page specific age verification. How does it work? Well, the app will either use a birthday check for age verification, which is pretty common on websites that sell alcohol, tobacco, adult stuff etc. or displays buttons for quick verification.

You can also opt for easily adding professional-looking age verification on your Shopify store to deter underage visitors from “loitering”, while the Add Age verify popup can be displayed on certain pages, as per your request, as opposed to the entire website.


Basically, this Age Verification Master App is a great tool to have if you offer age restricted products, whether you’re a n online gaming business, or a financial institution looking to inform your potential customers of your TOS including age criteria in regard to accessing your website.

The HulkApps Age Verification Popup does exactly that, i.e. it allows you to easily restrict your Shopify store visitors from accessing your site if they are underage, and also notifies them about age limitations and things of that nature.

The app will display a warning line with a description justifying the warning, notifying/counseling your visitors about the potential impact of your Shopify stores’ content or products.

The free version has a lot of features, including full-time tech support 24/7/365, personalize your popup with a logo of your store, get counts of verified, unverified & total verified users, update the text on the buttons as needed, update the heading & sub-headings as needed, fully customizable popup to match up with your store, popup preview to easily view the changes you made, set your desired background image for the popup and personalize your popup with a logo of your store.

The app is very easy to manage and install even for non-tech-savvy users, goes with every theme, and the responsive nature of the popup improves user experience.

The Pro (as in paid) version of the app comes with all the aforementioned “basic” features and adds multiple age validations based on geo-location, page-specific display criteria to protect certain pages from access by minors, new preset templates to save your time, and restrict under-age users with a personalized message.

Moreover, the Pro version doesn’t require you to configure the app separately for mobile devices, as it’s fully responsive and it works/ looks beautiful on any sized desktop, tablet, and mobile device, while giving you complete control over the validation settings (decide minimum age etc.).

Finally, the app is 100 percent GDPR compliant, can be installed with a single click and will help you get insights of verified, unverified and total verified customers.


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