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Social proof for your store

Increase your website’s conversion by letting new customers know what other people bought

Product discoverability

Let customers know about about products through popup order notifications

Simple setup

Get started easily with our simple one page dashboard and automatic setup

The ActionFeed Sales Popup app helps your Shopify store by increasing web conversion by allowing your visitors know what other people bought, i.e. this is basically a social proof app that lets customers learn about products through popup order notifications.

In this regard, the app works as intended, and has a user friendly interface plus a simple set up which appeals even to non tech savvy users. Once installed, you’ll be able to get it started instantly with the app’s intuitive one page dashboard and automatic setup.


The app was first released way back in 2016, and the developers updated it recently; more precisely, the app was re-written entirely, rebuilt basically from scratch. The app works by showing order activities on your web store, hence is you’re looking for an app to show notifications on your shop of recent orders, the ActionFeed Sales Popup is the answer.

The app helps you drive conversion by displaying near real time orders received by your shop to other customers, and the latest version is faster and more real time as the order syncing engine is better than ever.

The app features customizable popup notifications to match your Shopify store’s theme and design, and works by increasing your web store’s trust factor by showing visitors recent purchases made by others. Everything revolves around a knows psychological mechanism, whereas people are more willing to buy from an online store if they know that it’s a reputable source, i.e. the social proof thin, which is proven to increase sales.

People love to get shopping ideas from others, hence the app encourages them to buy stuff other people already bought, and it does that via a live feed of other real time purchase. The app also helps your store by increasing product discoverability, and it does that by showing your visitors shopping suggestions.

Even if your store is brand new and you don’t have any orders yet, the app will help you by displaying product notifications, thus allowing visitors know what products you have in your store.

The main features of the app include randomized order viewing, full compatibility with both mobile and desktop device, automatically syncing of products and orders, customizable notifications popups, and it’s worth mentioning that the app senses automatically when a mouse is hovering over the notification and will pause the notification due to a special algorithm, that also learns which popups work, in order to show them more often and drive conversion rates.


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Store Design Popups and notifications
Sales and Conversion Creating social proof

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Expert Score 7.6
  • Solid app, easy to set up, responsive tech support team, makes for a great and less expensive alternative to Fomo.
  • Some complaints about the app impacting sales negatively or not at all.
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