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Acquire new traffic

Acquire new customers from partner stores, thematic websites and Twitter by consistently presenting your products to the right audience.

Your ads on autopilot

Set up once and let your products be automatically displayed to the right person in the right place at the right time.

Attract the right customers

Present your products to the users high more likely to buy: already shopping in other online stores or researching niche websites.

The Adeagle: Traffic & Advertising app is designed to help your Shopify business acquire new traffic by “stealing” new customers from thematic websites, partner stores and even social media platforms like Twitter by consistently presenting your products to the right audience.

As soon as you install the app and set things up, your merchandise/products will be displayed automatically to the right person at the right time, in the right place. Basically, you will be able to attract the right (as in paying) customers by showing your merch to the people most likely to buy it, i.e. consumers who are already shopping on other online platforms and/or researching niche websites.

Everything about this app is about pinpoint targeting “the right stuff”, and it makes for an automatic way to drive more visitors to your Shopify store.

Features and How it Works

There are three main ways the app can “steal” customers for your Shopify store: autoposting your products to Twitter/social media, displaying ads of your products on niche thematic websites like blogs, forums, thematic portals, expert webpages etc. and featuring your merch in partner stores.

Your ads are showcased as nice looking banners in dedicated sections of partner stores, or as discrete little notifications that slide in the bottom corner of the screen and disappear in a matter of seconds. This is the “right” way to display your merch to the right audience by the way, in a smart and non spammy/intrusive manner, thus making already proven customers more likely to convert.

There are two versions of the app: the free one, which is a sort of traffic exchange, as in or ads displayed on your site, you will receive ads of your products displayed in partner stores, and a paid plan, that allows to you receive ad impressions without the need to display ads in your store.

As far as showcasing your merch on thematic websites across the internet goes, the app will serve visitors “hunting” various/niche products on forums, research blogs, expert webpages, thematic portals, forums, what have you, and, on top of that, you can show ads of your products exactly on these websites, exactly to these customers.

For example, if you sell pet supplies, the app will serve ads on pet blogs frequented by animal lovers. Finally, there’s the social media angle, as the app can help you set up a generic post, select products and have them posted to your social media in full autopilot mode, with scheduling features and all that jazz. Currently, the app is fully integrated with Twitter, but the developers are working at adding other niche social networks, that are not available in other Shopify apps, like Pinterest and Tumblr.

Finally, the app allows you to analyze the performance of your campaigns with relevant dashboards and visualizations, so you can determine which campaigns work and why, and to boost the effective ones for a bigger effect and increased traffic to your Shopify store.


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  • Amazing customer service, quick and easy setup, empathetic developers, very quick processing, free version available
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