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Recover Lost Sales

Automatically notify your customers by email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, or push notification when their favorite product is restocked.

Quick and Easy Setup

Set up takes less than 2 minutes. Back In Stock automatically inserts a sign-up button on out of stock product variants. No coding required.

Completely Customizable

Signup form and notifications are 100% customizable. Integrates with other popular apps. Compatible with all themes. Works in any language.

The Back In Stock ‑ Restock Alerts app will help you recover lost sales by automatically notifying your customers via SMS, email, push notification or Facebook Messenger when their favorite product gets back in stock. The set up process is quick and easy, taking less than two minutes, and the app will automatically inserts a sign-up button on an out of stock product with zero coding required.

Moreover, the app is fully customizable, including notifications and the sign-up form, and it also integrates beautifully with other popular apps, while being compatible with all themes and working in any language.

You Can Bring Back Clients to your Shopify Store via automated back in stock alerts

While most online customers do not make a purchase on their first visit, the app will allow them to subscribe to upcoming products and out of stock products via Facebook Messenger, SMS and web push. The Back In Stock ‑ Restock Alerts app already sent more than 3 million notification requests and has 6 million total subscriptions, being trusted by many Shopify Plus brands.

Back In Stock ‑ Restock Alerts is Great for Sending Automated Restock Alerts

The app features Automated SMS, Back in stock Customer Alerts, Web push notifications, Facebook Messenger notifications, segmented restock alerts, smart automation, multi-location support and supports multiple languages.

One of the Few Restock Alerts Apps that Supports both email, SMS, Facebook Messenger and web push

The app is great for reaching customers where they are the most active, and will help you bring them back once a product is back in stock, when you promote a sale or when you launch a new discount via notifications, so they don’t miss out on sales.

Advanced Back in Stock Customer Notifications

The app allows customers to subscribe and receive stock alerts for specific variant combos, like style, color or size, plus personalize in stock notifications, capture purchase intent and increase conversions.

Multiple location support

The app will send restock alerts in a smart way if you have inventory in multiple locations, as in your customer will receive an alert only when a specific product is back in stock in the customer’s subscribed location. Basically, you’ll have total control over warehouse locations are connected to the app and you’ll be able to optimize inventory management.

Easy Installation and Customization

No coding is required, and all you have to do is to click “add app” and the back in stock pop-up will appear on all of your out-of-stock product pages at the variant level. You can also customize the appearance and the content of alerts to match your particular branding.

Extend Your Email List

The app is perfect if you want to grow your email list by capturing customer demand if the customers opt in to using their email address, Facebook account or mobile number, and you will be able to retarget them in the future with various sale campaigns and promote likely to buy products. Also, the app is 100 percent GDPR compliant for EU users.

Powerful Market Research and Product Pre Orders

To help you create a buzz around product launches and understand your market, the app has a “Coming Soon” feature which is ideal for capturing pre-orders and creating waitlists.

Top Notch Support Team

You can contact the support team at any time if you need help or you’re not sure how to set up back in stock alerts.

Constant Updates

Recent updates include send product recommendations with Wiser, integration with Zapier and sync with your HubSpot account.


Integrates with

  • Klaviyo,
  • Mailchimp,
  • Pushowl,
  • Zapier,
  • Wiser,
  • Facebook Messenger

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Sales and Conversion Sales analytics
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