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Boost Conversions

Rapidly boost conversions. Even if you have a brand-new store, you can grab your visitor’s attention to raise your sales.

Build Trust & Credibility

Gain visitors trusts using Social Proof & create urgency to influence visitors to buy from you also increase your store value.

Grab Visitor’s Attention

Grab your visitors attention by popping up “Recent Purchase” and “Recent Add to Cart” Notifications. Convert Visitors Into Buyers.

The Better Sales Pop ‑ FOMO app is designed to help you rapidly boost conversions, and to give you social proof even if your Shopify store is brand new. Basically, the app works by using social proof to influence visitors to buy, gaining their trust, and increases your store value. The “Recent Purchase” and “Recent Add to Cart” notifications are designed to grab visitor’s attention to raise your sales, and built trust and credibility.

Convert Visitors into Buyers and Boost Your Sales, Reduce Cart Abandonment

This app is an efficient tool to influence your potential customers to purchase merchandise from your Shopify store via persuasive notifications. The app works by influencing human psychology, as in what other people are buying is decisive when making purchase decisions. This concept helps brand new stores to grab visitors attention, and gain their trust in order to raise sales.


The app influences buying decisions by showing add-to-cart pop-ups and notifications of what others are purchasing.


Reduces cart abandonment, increases sales, easy set up and customization, boosts conversion rates, displays social proof, develops trust among visitors, establishes credibility of your business, generates a feeling of urgency among potential buyers.

How it works

The Better Sales Pop ‑ FOMO app kick starts your sales by creating urgency, as people like to shop from stores that are popular and busy. Basically, the app can convince potential customers that your brand new Shopify store is a trustworthy platform and people are engaging with it, giving your visitors a feeling of a physical store in an online platform and helping them with decision making via the Add-to-cart pop-up to create a sense of urgency.

Also, the cart-notification will influence subconsciously your visitors, securing sales and helping kick-start your brand new business.

Simple app, easy to use and install

Everything about the app is hassle free, nothing is complicated and you can set it up with ease even if you’re not a tech savvy person.


Specification: Better Sales Pop ‑ FOMO

Category App
Store Design Popups and notifications
Sales and Conversion Creating social proof

Photos: Better Sales Pop ‑ FOMO

Price: Better Sales Pop ‑ FOMO

Price Details : $7.99 to $7.99/month


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Expert Score 9.4
  • The app does wonders in terms of helping merchants provide social proof, boosts sales and the tech support team is awesome.
  • Some issues with installation process reported by users.
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