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The last chance to engage

Speak to your customers before they close all tabs. Reveal a secret coupon code or show some creative message.

Animate Icon and Title

5+ different animations, blink, flash or zoom tab icon and title.

Analytics for advanced usage

See how the recovery performs right in your Google Analytics dashboard.

The Browser Tab Notification app is the last line of defense so to speak, as it literally talks to your web store visitors before they close all tabs. In this regard, the app is your last chance to engage and convince them to buy something by revealing a secret coupon code or whatever creative message you can think of.

The app features animated icon and title via more than five animations, blink, flash or zoom tab icon and title, and comes with an in-built analytic dashboard to help you understnd how the recovery performs right in your Google Analytics dashboard.


The app’s main features include better custom retention, reduced cart abandonment rate, comprehensive help for your web store to get noticed among other browser tabs, animated title and favicon of your store, come-back reminders via browser tab notification, and tracking visitors that switch to other browser tabs.

The app is fully integrated with Google Analytics and you can even set up a custom Google Analytics integration upon request, as you can configure a changing title, show a flickering emoji and apply various animations. The app also allows you to select a custom emoji to replace your store’s favicon when a tab is out of focus, and on top of that, you can pick between three types of animations: swap between icons – will make selected icons replace each other, opacity – will make the icon blinking, and zoom in/out – will make the icon shrink in and out.

Title configuration is available, i.e. you can select a Custom Title to replace your pages default title when visitors leave your tab forgotten via 2 types of animations: swap between titles – will make selected titles to replace each other, and fade in – will make your title appear letter by letter.

Moreover, you get two types of trigger settings: Only if Cart is not empty – will make the effect happen only a customer has items in a cart, and For any inactive tab – will make the effect happen anytime a visitor is distracted by another website.

The app even allows you to control how fast the animations should perform via the Animation Speed setting, and works with the vast majority of themes without requiring you to do anything, as it uses the Shopify API to cleverly integrate its code into your store, so your theme remains unchanged if you decide to uninstall the app.


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