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Confirm COD Orders

COD customers re-confirm their order with an OTP after checkout. This verifies their number and re-confirms their intent purchase.

Cut Shipping Costs

Drastically cut RTO (return to origin) costs by eliminating fake/ dummy orders. Orders with verified mobile numbers also deliver quicker!

Whatsapp for Instant Delivery

No customer will ever wait indefinitely for an OTP. With one click, your customers can receive the OTP on Whatsapp.

As per its name, the Codfirm ‑ Verify COD Orders app helps you confirm COD orders with an OTP at checkout. Basically, your COD customers will have to re-confirm their order, and this cool feature does an amazing job with cutting shipping costs by drastically cutting return to origin costs (RTO) by eliminating fake orders. Moreover, orders with verified phone numbers also deliver faster, and your customer will get the OTP on Whatsapp with just one click, which means there’s no endless waiting period for an OTP.


The app works by helping Shopify merchants reduce RTOs (returns) of COD (cash delivery) by verifying the customers’ contact numbers. Once you install the app and integrate it with your web store, every potential customer who pays cash on delivery will be asked to confirm their order via OTP or by an order verification code which is sent instantly to them through Whatsapp or SMS.

By doing so, the app verifies both the client’s contact number, as well as their intent to make a purchase. The OTP verification thing also makes the client feel safer by authorizing the order, hence more likely to accept it.

The app is very straightforward: after your customer opted to pay cash on delivery, he will be redirected to an order confirmation screen, where he will have to introduce the OTP sent via SMS/Whatsapp to confirm the order. As soon as the order is confirmed (or cancelled), the client is redirected to the order status page, where he can check out order status and summary.

For Shopify merchants, the status of the cash on delivery confirmation can be seen on the Orders tab on the dashboard. If a client wishes to cancel an order, an order cancellation email is automatically sent to your customer and the items are restocked.

Codfirm ‑ Verify COD Orders is way better than IVR/ Automated Calls and SMS, as automated calls are simply annoying and many apps that employ these methods either display a spam warning or block the calls, harming your brand image and leading to low order confirmations.

There are also issues with cellular networks in certain places, hence SMS/automated calls have low reachability. The OTP received on Whatsapp makes sure that each customer is instantly served and doesn’t have to wait for the confirmation message.


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