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Really functional & cheap

Discounted upsell & cross sell banners really help you to increase profit. We focus on your business needs, so the app is cheaper similars.

Instant plug-in – NO CODING

No programming skills? No problem. You can set up an upsell & cross sell offer for any Shopify store in less than 2 minutes!

Eye-catching pleasant banners

Customize each upsell & cross sell banners by a visual style editor in 1 min! Pop-ups and sliding banners do not destroy the usability.

As per its name, the Discounted Upsell app will help you increase profit (sales, conversions) via discounted upsell and cross sell banners. It’s worth mentioning that the app focuses exclusively on your business needs and it’s way cheaper than similar apps. Moreover, there’s no coding required to install the app, as everything work “plug and play” so to speak (instant plug-in), hence there’s no problem if you lack programming skills. The app will be set up and ready to go in two minutes, i.e. you can set up an upsell and cross sell offer for any Shopify store hassle free.

The secret behind the Discounted Upsell app is eye catching pleasant banners, and you can even customize each upsell and cross sell banner via a smart visual editor in 60 seconds flat. Moreover, sliding banners and popups do not destroy the usability of the app, so yeah, everything is great.


The Discounted Upsell app from Kad is one of the best solutions in the Shopify Store for announcing sales and discounts on your store. You just have to add customized upsell and cross sell popup banners generate profits without any coding requirements, and watch your business grow.

Basically, this app will help you achieve the impossible: to increase revenue with minimum effort, as you can use the intelligent strategies from within the app to your benefit, as the app gives you total control over the sales, as you can activate and deactivate the Upsell and Cross sell offers, configure discounts, and customize banners from the seller’s dashboard.

On top of that, the Discount Upsell app will harvest precious data from the upsell/cross sell offers, giving you the opportunity to strategize your offers in the future according to the best response and choose more profitable offers.

The most important features/benefits of the app include data analysis via the seller dashboard, activate, deactivate, and manage the at your convenience, fast, simple, and easy to use and navigate user-interface, fully customizable, banners do not interfere with the usability, upsell and cross-sell banners options for free, at a discount or at full price, and 2 types of customizable banners – pop-ups and sliding.

It’s important to mention that the app allows you to customize the upsell and cross sell banners according to your preference, and be sure that it will not affect user experience, and the fact that it makes minimum changes to your Shopify store, as it just adds a banner (non-intrusive, pop-up, or sliding). The installation process is very easy and intuitive due to the installation wizard, that will guide you step by step through the process, and once done you can perform a test run to see how it works.


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Store Design Cart Customization, Popups and notifications
Sales and Conversion Upselling and cross-selling

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Expert Score 9.4
  • Non-intrusive, well designed, lots of customization options, easy setup.
  • Some users complain about the app stopped working when themes are changed.
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