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Exit Popup, Collect Email Lead

Increase conversion and subscribers with 100% customizable email popups: exit popups, sales popups, personalized popups, and trigger popups.

Simple Full Screen, Game Popup

Gamified offers and popups such as spin to win popups for email capture. Spin the wheel, pick a gift, or exchange email for a coupon code.

Emails Popups Discount Coupons

Tada’s gamified exit intent popups connect with Klaviyo & MailChimp. Spin Wheel, WooHoo, Wheelio, Spin a sale, Justuno & Privy alternative.

The Email Popup Wheel Game Pop ups app is designed to help your Shopify store by increasing both conversions and subscribers via 100 percent customizable email popups, including sales popups, exit popups, trigger popups and personalized popups.

The app comes with gamified offers and popups like spin to win for email capture, i.e. the customer spins a wheel, then picks a gift, or gives his email for a coupon code. Moreover, the Email Popup Wheel Game Pop ups’ exit intent popups can connect to Klaviyo & MailChimp. Spin Wheel, WooHoo, Wheelio, Spin a sale, Justuno & Privy alternative, which means you’ll be able to turn your traffic into sales via professional popups.

The app is fully customizable and there’s even a seven-day free trial available.


The Email Popup Wheel Game Pop comes with brand new features such as small popups for a noninvasive design and email verification, which reduces invalid emails from your subscribers’ list, as well as a cool website abandonment countdown for boosting SEO and reducing bounce rate.

What’s special about Tada’s app is that popups actually work, as in they are not spammy/annoying for customers, and since they’re gamified, they are both engaging and massive fun. With this app, you will be able to create trigger popups, exit intent popups, email popups, spin to win popups, full screen popups, sales popups, free gift popups, personalized popups and anything in between.

Once set up, you’ll be free as a bird, as in do nothing, pay nothing, just watch conversions and subscribers go. Moreover, the app is fully customizable and allows you to craft personalized popups to match your store/brand, and then target with the app’s proprietary design features.

With this baby, you’ll say goodbye to website abandonment and you will definitely increase customer loyalty with urgency popups and FOMO; we must also mention the data analytics suite, which helps you analyze revenue, subscribers, click through rate and more, everything 24/7 and in real time.

Variations and Games

Professional full screen popups, pick a lucky box to win a gift, spin the wheel of coupons to win.

All these features are guaranteed to help you capture more subscribers by engaging customers/visitors with interactive popups (everyone wants to win something for free, right?), increase store conversions via earning discount codes, because winning feels great, decrease cart abandonment via countdowns and widgets (discount reminders basically), avoid early exits by grabbing the customers’ attention in a fun non-spammy way, boost cart value and, most importantly, control the customer journey, as you are the one who decides when, where, how and how often your customers play popups.

Finally, the seven-day-free-trial version is great for beginners, as it contain all the necessary “bells and whistles” to grab your attention, including custom logo, interactive charts, countdown timer, coupon expiration, basic email validation (sans verification), color schemes, drop rate customization, automatic unique coupons, exit intent, dashboard with analytics and much more.


Integrates with

  • Mailchimp,
  • Klaviyo

Specification: Email Popup Wheel Game Pop ups

Category App
Store Design Cart Customization, Popups and notifications
Sales and Conversion Upselling and cross-selling
Marketing Customer retention, Email marketing

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Price Details : 0 to $29.99/month


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