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Show Social Proof

Show how many happy customers you have or build your own conversion booster!

Boost Conversion Rate

Social proof will immediately boost your conversion rate! Tested many times, this app is must have for successful store!

Amazing features and options

Predefined, custom color options, many fonts and custom CSS option for even more customization!

The Fast Conversion Bar app is everything about showing social proof by showing how many happy shoppers your web store has, or, alternatively, you can build your own conversion booster. Like all social proof apps out there, Fast Conversion Bar is designed to boost conversion rate, and comes with a ton of amazing features, including redefined, custom color options, many fonts and custom CSS option for even more customization!


The app works by establishing trust instantly with your Shopify store customers by using social proof; more precisely, the app will show how many customers you already have, and the number of orders in your web store.

The philosophy behind the app is that people are gregarious animals, or social beings to use the parlance of our times, hence they tend to trust popular brands or people more than their own eyes. Seriously speaking, people rely on social proof every day, whether for choosing a which movie to attend to or which Shopify store to shop.

Enter Fast Conversion Bar, an app that uses this human “feature” to spark trust to your Shopify store. The main feature of the app is the already mentioned Conversion Booster, which is basically a fully customizable top bar on which you can insert any text you want, like special announcements, delivery times, promote free shipping for certain products, or show orders/happy customers.

Everything is free of charge and fairly simple to use, even for non tech savvy persons, as everything works by one click install, with zero programming skills required. All you have to do is choose one of the Fast Conversion Bar design themes, then determine the position of the promotional bar (top or bottom), insert {number} in text to show number of your orders and finally sit back, relax and watch the counter go up with every new order.

The fasts Conversion Bar is fully customizable, i.e. you can set custom colors, fonts, padding and even add your own CSS for even more customization; also, you can choose one of the pre-build themes or make your own special one.


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  • Easy to install, looks good on any web store, you can personalize the message and display anything, simple to use, easy to customize as well.
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