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Faster selling Fb & Google ads

Use sixads targeted Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads to drive returning paying customers to your store

Quick & easy ad set-up

With the click of a button, approve ad visuals, texts and targeting. Sit back and let advanced algorithms run high-converting ads for you

Get quality traffic for FREE

Drive traffic with sixads FREE traffic feature. Display your products in other stores. In return, show products from other stores in yours

The app is designed to help boosts sales for your Shopify store by using targeted Google, Facebook and Instagram ads to drive returning paying customers. The initial set-up is quick and easy, and you can approve texts, visuals and targeting with the click of a button. Everything relies on advanced algorithms that run high converting ads for your store in order to drive traffic via the app’s sixads FREE traffic feature. Using this app you’ll be able to get high quality traffic for your Shopify store as the app will display your products in other stores, and in return, you will show products from other stores in yours.

If you don’t understand how to use Instagram, Google and Facebook ads even after watching hours of tutorials and draining your budget on testing ads that don’t sell, this app is will be a life saver.

This app will not require you to manually upload videos and photos, or write ad headlines for tens of products; instead, the sixads feature does all that for you and with just one click you will be able to approve personalized ad visuals, texts, and targeting, and then you can sit back, relax and watch things happening in real time, as the app’s state of the art algorithms run high-converting marketing ads for you!

Targeted ads to drive profits

Even if you have created the best ad in the world, if your sales funnel sucks, you will not sell consistently, hence your Shopify traffic will stagnate and business won’t grow. The secret to any successful business is sales funnels, for converting ad-spend into big profits. The analytics tools in the sixads are highly advanced and will track your visitors step by step, then target these audiences with a series of engaging ads at the right time until they convert.

The end result is that you’ll stop wasting money on ads that don’t work, your store visitors will actually buy stuff, and, best of all, they will return to your Shopify store to buy again!

All-in-one ad manager

The all-in-one ad manager will connect your store with your Google/Facebook/Instagram accounts in just a few clicks, so you can forget about the headache of managing separate ad accounts. Even if you don’t have “them accounts”, Sixads will set them up for you in a jiffy! And, if you don’t have a Facebook Pixel, the app can create one for you in minutes and connect it to your Shopify store!

Automated ad management saves money

Sixads will automatically stop corresponding ads as soon as a product in your Shopify store sells out, hence you won’t waste money on unnecessary ads. Moreover, if your product images, prices, descriptions or titles change, the ads will also be updated instantly, so you won’t have to worry about Facebook product feeds or Google Shopping feeds. Sixads will do the job for you automatically.

You can run paid ads like a pro

The analytics tools contained in the Sixads will show you which ads are selling better on Google, Instagram and YouTube so you can choose wisely how to scale ads on the best performing platforms, and stop/limit advertising on places that don’t perform as expected.

Get traffic for free

You’ll get traffic for free thanks to the Sixads FREE traffic feature, which is actually an organic community of shop owners who use the same software.

How the app works

Add the app to your store, then select the products you want to advertise, approve Sixads’ personalized ad visuals, target audiences, and texts and, finally, start selling!


Integrates with

  • oberlo,
  • privy,
  • ROI Hunter Easy,
  • facebook ads,
  • ali reviews,
  • google ads

Specification: FREE Traffic & Easy Ads

Category App
Store Design Popups and notifications
Sales and Conversion Creating social proof
Marketing Ads and retargeting

Videos: FREE Traffic & Easy Ads

Photos: FREE Traffic & Easy Ads

Price: FREE Traffic & Easy Ads

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Expert Score 8
  • Powerful app for converting Facebook and Instagram ads, easy and simple to use, free, responsive customer service.
  • Contains annoying pop-up ads.
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