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Location based content

Show relevant content to your customers based on their location, e.g. redirect buttons, regional offers and more.

Set up in minutes

Save time and select locations from your shop’s shipping zones or manually add countries. Use pre-built templates or design your own content

Connect multiple stores

Manage multiple stores from one dashboard, and publish custom content on all stores for any location

As per its name, Geosaur is a location popup, and it allows you to create and show location based popups on your web store in order to redirect your clients to their local store. The app shows relevant information and offers based on your customers’ geolocation, thus improving customer engagement in a big way, via redirect buttons, regional offers and more.

Geosaur has a user friendly interface and can be set up in a matter of minutes, helping you save precious time and allowing you to elect locations from your shop’s shipping zones or manually add countries.

The app features pre-built templates or you can always design your own content, plus you can connect and manage multiple stores from one dashboard, and publish custom content on all stores for any location.


One of the main attributes of Geosaur is that it allows you to create/display unlimited location based popups on your Shopify store with custom content, and display them to your clients based on their geographical location, in order to improve customer engagement and boost sales.

The app’s main features include prompt customers to shop from their local website via country-specific URLs for their local store, display location-relevant content by showing your web store visitors personalised offers, featured content and contact information based on their country of origin (IP based), create unlimited popups on multiple sites to display relevant content for multiple countries, and publish them all at the same theme, powerful analytics like real-time monitoring usage statistics for all sections and locations, which help you optimise your store with location-relevant content, save time when managing multiple stores by connecting multiple stores and publishing sections to all stores via 1 dashboard, remember customers’ choice to hide popup and prevent popup from reappearing for a set period once it’s closed, hyper-local targeting for states and cities, location-relevant form signups for email marketing services, add time delay before displaying popup, embed location-based content within pages, collections and product pages, and, most importantly, fully customizable content and styling due to the app’s simple and user friendly graphic interface, which also allows you to add your own HTML/CSS if you’re a “techie”.

Here’s how the app works in 6 easy steps: first, you must select the store on which to publish a Geosaur content section, then select countries from your store’s shipping zones where the section should be shown, select the theme/s on which to publish the content, choose to edit a template or design your own, customise text, images, buttons etc. to suit your store’s theme and/or personal preference, and finally hit save and publish the section.

Finally, if you want to manage multiple stores from the app’s dashboard, all of your stores should use the same store-contact-email. To set that up, just go to Settings > General > Store Contact Email, then install Geosaur to all your Shopify stores, go to the “Stores” tab to add the primary domain for another store (, and then just start creating content for multiple stores through the app’s dashboard.


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