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Extend Your Store

Add a Jebbit onsite or create a seamless extension of your brand to reach customers on their favorite channels, such as Instagram and email.

Unique Shopping Experiences

No code doesn’t mean no power. Logic tools like branching & Outcomes allow you to give every customer a personalized experience.

Increase Conversion Rate & AOV

Personalized results can lead to higher purchase conversions & happier customers. And happier customers buy more.

The Jebbit: Custom Product Quizzes app is designed as a seamless extension of your brand aimed at helping you reach your clients on their favorite channels/social media, the likes of Instagram and/or email. The app provides your visitors a unique shopping experience, due to its logic tools like branching and Outcomes, that allow for a personalized customer experience with zero coding required.

The personalized results will end up in increased conversion rates and AOV, or, to be more precise, higher purchase conversions and happier customers. Needless to say, happy customers are ready to spend more if given the right incentives.


The main selling point of this app is that it allows you to craft beautiful product match quizzes, which are designed to improved conversion rate as well as engagement, and create repeat customers through shoppable product match quizzes.

Basically, this is a no-code platform which allows virtually any Shopify store owner to rapidly build beautiful, interactive experiences, aimed at capturing first-party, self-declared data about visitors preferences, intents, and desires.

The app is designed to be fast and easy to use for both experienced and non-experienced (as in non-technical) users, and allows you to craft amazing consumer experiences in a matter of hours, instead of weeks/months.

The app’s comprehensive suite of off-the-shelf templates and creative tools allow you to craft stunning experiences that will help solidify your brand’s image. Each experience can be personalized in order to drive custom product recommendations to each client, and the app can launch on any channel, being able to “meet and greet” your clients where they live and shop, i.e. via text, email, on social media, on-site, etc.

The app is an all-in-one platform, the whole deal so to speak, as it allows you to build everything, from lead forms and simple surveys to personality quizzes and shoppable product match. The app’s visual builder is the perfect tool for quickly mapping out and designing beautiful experiences, and its comprehensive suite of no-coding-required design elements make for each experience to feel unique and like a seamless extension of your brand.

Speaking of experiences, we must mention the outcomes feature, that powers the product recommendations each customer receives, while branching and traffic split options customize the paths they take to get there. Basically, you can make your product match quiz as complex or as simple as you desire, while reporting and insights help you understand how your clients engage with your product match quizzes, while pushing updates to live campaigns to optimize experiences on the fly.

You can also track performance metrics for individual experiences, and/or your brand, including completion rates and engagement, website redirects, leads captured and so on and so forth.

To give you some examples of experiences, we must mention surveys, which are designed to be highly engaging, featuring a fully branded look, and dynamic questioning, to deliver beautiful, high-performing surveys in front of your audience in no time, personality quizzes, designed to teach customers about themselves with playful and fun outcomes, while helping you to better understand consumer preferences, and product quizzes, which deliver customers real time/personalized recommendations based on the answers they give you.

The app fully integrates with Mailchimp, Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Tag Manager, Facebook and Klaviyo.


Integrates with

  • Klaviyo,
  • Facebook,
  • Google Tag Manager,
  • Hubspot,
  • Salesforce,
  • Mailchimp

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Store Design Catalogs and image galleries, Popups and notifications
Marketing Content marketing

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Price: Jebbit: Custom Product Quizzes

Price Details : 0 to $300/month


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  • Great user experience, easy to set up, helpful tech support team, free plan available.
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