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Offer custom rewards

Offer your affiliates cash commissions or store credit in return for successful referrals. You choose the rate and more.

Leverage our network

Get featured on the Kickbooster Marketplace and expand your reach to our network of affiliates, influencers, and media partners.

Automate your program

Easily set up a referral program with automatic referral tracking and validation, commission payouts, and affiliate support.

The KB Affiliate Marketing Program helps grow your Shopify store by offering custom rewards, i.e. your affiliates will receive cash commissions or store credit in return for successful referrals (you decide the rate etc.). Also, you will benefit from getting featured on the KB marketplace, which means you’ll be able to expand your reach to KickBooster Marketplace’s network of affiliates, influencers, and media partners. Moreover, the app will help you set up a referral program real easy, with automatic referral tracking and validation, commission payouts, and affiliate support.

Features/How it works

Sometimes called influencer marketing or referral marketing, affiliate marketing is a sales/marketing strategy where a merchant/store owner (that would be you) encourages his media partners/customers/brand advocates/what have you, to refer new business to you in exchange for a reward when that referral leads to a sale.

The app helps you with setting up an affiliate marketing program in minutes, and also to run and manage your affiliate, referral, and influencer marketing programs all in one integrated platform. Also, you’ll benefit from automatic handling of the tracking link generation and monitoring, the referral validation and commission management, and the reporting for both you and your affiliates.

The KB Affiliate Marketing Program offers custom rewards (you can customize the commission rate, cookie tracking period, and more), gets your Shopify store featured on the KB marketplace, helps you automate your referral tracking and validation, affiliate support and commission payouts, and, best of all, you’ll only have to pay for performance, as in you only pay out a commission on referrals that lead to successful sales, as opposed to spending all your marketing budget on ads that charge per view/click.

The app also invites your customers to participate in your affiliate marketing program after making their purchase automatically via the Post-Purchase Pop-Up feature, and allows you to create custom tracking links that don’t generate commission so you can track the success of your own marketing efforts.

If you’re having problems with setting up the app, you can always talk to a real person in real-time using the live chat feature, which is also available to help support your affiliates. The referral review period makes sure commissions are only paid out to your affiliates when you actually make a sale, and the custom branding feature allows you to design the look/feel of your affiliate marketing program to match your branding by customizing one of the app’s beautiful themes to fit your specific needs.

Finally, you can set the cookie duration period, i.e. the time between a click on a referral link and a confirmed sale so you know what to attribute to affiliates, while the signup page can be custom-designed for your affiliates to allow media outlets, bloggers, and your customers to register for your affiliate marketing program.


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  • Great value for money in terms of ROI, awesome user interface, zero coding required, definitely worth trying.
  • A user complains that the app only works if you run your business in USD.
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