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Real-time Social Proof & FOMO

Get FOUR apps in one: (1) Social Proof Nudges (sales pop up, proofo) (2) FOMO Nudges (3) Free Delivery Nudges (4) Custom Nudges on any page

Increase your sales in minutes

Boost sales and cut cart abandonment with small, powerful Nudges. Increase your conversion rate NOW by building trust and creating urgency

One Click Install, Zero Hassle

Install with one click, pick your Nudges and leave them to work! PLUS: see how Social Proof & FOMO boost your sales with real-time analytics

As the name suggests, this is a glorified real time social proof and FOMO app, or, to be more precise, you’ll get four for the price of one. As in, there are actually four apps in one: social proof nudges, FOMO nudges, free delivery nudges and custom nudges on any page. Everything is tailored to increase your sales and cut down on cart abandonment numbers in a big way, via the app’s small yet powerful nudges.

How does it work?

The app works by building customer trust while creating a sense of urgency to increase conversion rate, and features 1-click install with zero hassle, and offers real time analytics, which is kind of cool.

Nudgify will boost your sales and sign-ups using nudges, also known as powerful notifications. You can pick from a comprehensive library of nudges to show which products are selling out, recent orders (sales pop) and install a free delivery popup. Since the app will display your customers genuine data from your Shopify store, it creates FOMO irresistible social proof and urgency like no other, and best of all, everything is fully automatic, as in you won’t have to do squat except from checking out how each nudge increases your sales via the built-in analytics tool.

Nudges Increase Sales/Sign-Ups

Everything revolves around the nudges, and you can pick and choose them from the library and then place them on any page. The app displays live data, hence your visitors will be able to check out how busy your Shopify store is, as well as how much of a certain product is left in stock. Needless to say, this is a boon in terms of increasing sales.

You can also decide what kind of messages to show, and where to place nudges, in order to engage visitors at every stage of their purchase, thus reducing cart abandonment and bounces. By creating custom nudges, you’ll be able to offer your visitors helpful tips, talk them through the sign-up process or make recommendations.

Nudge Library and Features

Here’s the list of nudges available in the library: Custom Nudge, where you can write your personalized message and also add it to any page, then upload a pic, insert a link or an offer, Discount Nudge, which promotes a discount and allows visitors apply the respective discount via a check-box within the nudge, Cart Counter Nudge that shows how many customers have a certain product in their shopping cart right now, Order Soon Nudge, which displays your visitors the deadline for a delivery date and also informs on how long much time is left to place the order, Free Delivery Nudge, which sets a target for free delivery and pushes visitors to add the item to their shopping cart, Low Stock Nudge, for providing real data about stock, thus increasing the desire to buy, Selling Fast Nudge, which informs visitors when a certain product is running out, so they click Buy Now and stop procrastinating, Popularity Nudge, which displays how many customers have viewed a certain product recently, thus building credibility and trust effortlessly, and, finally, Recent Sales Nudge, which encourages cross sales by automatically creating social proof.

The app will help your Shopify store go beyond FOMO and social proof via its full suite of nudges, and its built-in analytics tool will keep track of your views, visits, assisted conversions and interactions, making your life easier and boosting sales.

You will be able to target a set of pages with a specific group of nudges, and adjust them to match your brand via themes and colors. Finally, the app is available in 16 languages and features in-app tech support.


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Store Design Popups and notifications, Timers and counters
Sales and Conversion Creating social proof, Creating Urgency

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Expert Score 8
  • Easy to use and install, works as advertised, no coding skills required, “boomer-tech friendly”.
  • Some issues reported with Nudges failing to show on the website.
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