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Stay informed

Receive an email when a user comments on your blog

Clear overview

Keep track of pending, sent and failed notifications

You are in control

Configure which comments should trigger a notification

Nuttifier Blog Comment Emails is a very helpful app to add to your Shopify store if you want to stay informed, i.e. you’ll receive an email each time a user comments on your blog. The app also helps keep tracking of pending, sent and failed notifications, and it allows you to configure which comments should trigger a notification.

Features/How it works

We’ve already established that Nuttifier Blog Comment Emails is a must-have app if you have a blog , and here’s how it works in a nutshell: in order to keep you up to date with blog comments, Nuttifier will send you an email automatically at every user comment; the respective email contains the name and email address of the user as well as the titles of the relevant blog and article, so you’ll be in the loop 24/7.

You also get an analytics dashboard of sorts, where you can monitor the number of pending, sent and failed notifications in the last week, month and year. Moreover, you have full control over notifications, as the app allows you to configure the email address to which the notifications will be sent, as well as for which comment statuses you will receive notifications.

Bottom line, using Nuttifier Blog Comment Emails is a sure way to keep track of all new and old notifications with all their details.


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