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Quick Preview and Add to Cart

Peek Mode helps customers preview product information, browse images and add to cart from a single click, reducing barriers to shop.

Customize Look & Feel

Customize the look and feel of Peek Mode to fit your existing layout, including preview icon, button colors and labels.

Built-in Analytics

Get insights on how your customers are interacting with the feature through our free built-in analytics.

As per its name, the Peek Mode app allows your Shopify customers to preview product information without having to click on the respective item, as well as browse images and add to cart from a single click, reducing barriers to shop, thus making for an improved customer experience and a speedier buying process. The best thing about the app is that it works with any Shopify store theme, no matter how heavily customized it is, and the app itself can be customized in terms of look and feel to match your store theme, including preview icon, button colors and labels. Finally, the built-in analytics feature allows you to get insights on how your customers are interacting with the app so you can fine-tune/tweak it to perfection.

Features/How it works

Peek Mode works by launching a fancy box style popup, so your visitors can easily browse product images, select variants and add products to cart. Moreover, the popup can be closed by the end user, so the customers can do the same (check out the preview) with the next product without refreshing the page.

The philosophy behind the app is to reduce barriers to your Shopify store, by making it easier to navigate between products, which translates in less time spent and less barriers in the customer’s decision making process. Everything works via 1-click install, with zero tech/coding skills required, and no template changes. The free built-in analytics tool allows you to sneak-peak (pun intended) into how your customers are interacting with the feature, including clicks and add to cart actions.

Moreover, the app is very lightweight on resources, due to the fact that it doesn’t have external dependencies (e.g. no jQuery), which means it loads instantly, without conflicting with existing apps or libraries. The app is mobile friendly, i.e. it’s fully responsive and fits well on every screen size, plus it’s fully customizable, as in you can customize the Thumbnail Slider, Show/Hide link to product page, Show/Hide/Truncate product description in the popup, Add to Cart behaviour (Stay on the page or redirect to cart’s page), Add to Cart button label and color, background color, label position, label font size and color, label, icon and even the control panel language (Portuguese and English for now).

We’ve saved the best for last: the app is free to use, all features included and there are no subscriptions required.


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  • Excellent tech support, the app works beautifully, it auto installs and is super easy to use, allows customers to preview items without having to click on them which is pretty cool.
  • Nothing really, all 5 star reviews.
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