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Multiple boostsales tools in 1

See an immediate lift in every conversion behavior with 6 essential optimizing tools. Focus on Social Proof, Urgency, and Promotion News.

Social Proof Leverage

Utilize the power of Social Proof with Sales Pop to gain trust. Show store authentication whether you’re an established or a new brand.

Smart Urgency-Inducing Tool

Elevate FOMO and compel buyers’ actions by showing product demand and scarcity. Reduce Cart Abandon with intelligent Cart Countdown.

The Sale Kit ‑ Boost sales bundle app is designed as a multiple sales boost tool which seeks to improve conversion behavior by employing six optimizing tools. Everything revolves around urgency, social proof and promotion news, i.e. using this app means social proof leverage for your Shopify store, i.e. your store will gain trust instantly, whether you’re a new brand or an established one.

The app also promotes smart urgency-inducing tools, such as showing product demand and scarcity in order to compel buyers’ actions and elevate FOMO, and intelligent cart countdown for reducing cart abandonment.

Why Sale Kit

This app provides all the essential tools to build customer trust, optimize the management process and increase conversion rate via sales pop, cart countdown timer, announcement bar, pop-ups, especially for new stores, with zero coding skills required.

You’ll definitely enjoy the simple and customizable campaigns, which are easy to design due to the app’s user friendly and logical UI. The app allows you to create ocial proof, urgency, announcement bar, cart countdown, and newsletter popup in less than 5 minutes, due to its readily available templates and themes, and you can display popup info in two ways: by importing real-time data or customizing manually.

Moreover, there’s a free version available which has virtually no limits, so you’ll be able to get familiarized with the tool kit and test all the essential apps until you decide what’s what.

App Features

The Social Proof pack is designed to create brand credibility and trust, by showing recently purchased orders to your visitors in order to build trust and “fear of missing out” or FOMO. You can either select certain products to promote on sales pop or build your own data to boost your Shopify store.

The Social Proof pack consists of Sales Pop, Visitor Count, and Sold Count features.

Then, there’s the Urgency pack , designed to reduce cart abandonment; the urgency pack comes with Cart Down, which shows a countdown timer or a sticky timer on cart, to push customers to check out faster and create scarcity, Announcement bar, which allows you to create three types of promotion bars.

Finally we have the Popup – collect leads & engagement pack, consisting of Newsletter popup, Discount popup and Exit popup.


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Store Design Popups and notifications, Timers and counters
Sales and Conversion Creating social proof, Creating Urgency

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