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Visual Apparel Search

Help your customers search for similar products by uploading images. Detect apparels in uploaded photos by using our AI-powered technology

Easy-to-use App

Start using the Smart Visual Search with only 2 clicks. We will sync and analyze your catalog automatically

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Engage more customers with visual search and increase their satisfaction. Gain a higher conversion rate and increase sales

Smart Visual Search makes for a visual apparel search app that will help your Shopify customers search for similar products by uploading images. The app is capable of detecting apparels in uploaded photos by using AI-powered technology. Also, the app is user friendly and your customers will start using it with just 2 clicks. For merchandisers, the app syncs and analyzes your catalog automatically, i.e. there’s no input required on your part.

Using Smart Visual Search, you’ll be able to engage more customers and increase their satisfaction, which will lead to a higher conversion rate and an increase in sales.

Features/How it works

The philosophy behind Smart Visual Search is that a picture I worth one thousand words, and hence, why not let your clients search through your merch by using a picture? The app enables visual search in a given Shopify store, hence visitors can always upload an image that seems inspiring to them and search your catalog for visually similar products.

In terms of shopping experience online, it doesn’t get any better than this (ok, maybe Virtual Reality is better), as sometimes is difficult to use words in order to find their desired product. Hence, having a visual search option in your Shopify store could massively help your visitors search your catalog with more precision and less confusion.

Also, since some clients have a specific product in mind when they visit a given online store, visual search can accelerate the whole process and be the perfect searching method, as they can quickly find their favorite product. Using the app will increase customer satisfaction and engagement, due to its excellent features like easy setup (one click install, instant fetching/classifying products via AI technology, zero training required), user friendly UI via floating icon that pop up in your storefront, and your clients can click on the icon to use the visual search feature, fast and accurate apparel search engine, and automatic catalog sync (you don’t have to do anything if you change your catalog, as Shopify notifies instantly the app’s developers when a new product is added or changed, and the search index is updated automatically).


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  • Awesome looking app, solid customer service, lots of potential, free version available.
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