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Increase customer engagement

Get closer to your clients by automating videos along their journey on your store. Amplify your mediums of communication using video popups.

Make your store trustworthy

Break the ice with your customers. Give additional details. Reassure them. Thank buyers and invite them to come back. Just like in a shop!

Offer personalized experiences

Tailor your videos to your customers’ behavior on your website. Choose targeted pages and select triggers (exit intent, scroll, delay, …).

Vidjet Popup Videos is everything about humanizing the shopping experience for customers and delivering memorable experiences in the process. Basically, Vidjet is a cutting edge video technology app specially designed for e-merchants that increases customer engagement via videos with a popup format to interact with your customers, based on their actions on your website. The app will get you closer to your customers via automating videos along their shopping trip in your Shopify store.

In the same time, Vidjet amplifies your mediums of communication using video popups and will make your web store trustworthy by breaking the ice with your visitors. The app will offer them extra details, reassure them, thank them and invite them back, just like in a brick and mortar shop, thus delivering an amazing shopping experience, as close to real-life as it’s possible with current technology.

Vidjet offers a personalized experience to your visitors as it allows you to tailor your videos to your customers’ behavior on your website; moreover, you can even choose targeted pages and select triggers (exit intent, scroll, delay, …) etc.


Vidjet is an excellent choice if you’re looking to retain leaving visitors, update them on latest info, offer product explanation, announce sales and promotions, welcome visitors, thank buyers and anything in between.

Using the app is fairly easy, and you will be able to publish your tailored videos in a matter of seconds using the app’s built-in campaign creator as it follows:

-Pick a use case

-Upload your video

-Select a format and add elements

-Choose page URLs and select a trigger

-Preview and publish!

You can choose your favorite display format from the three options available: flyout closed by default: a bubble at a bottom corner that requires a click to be deployed, flyout opened by default: a bubble at a bottom corner that deploys automatically, or popup: a modal centered on the web page.

You can always add elements to your video, such as custom colors, title, button containing a coupon code, or redirecting to another URL if one so inclined. The app allows you to deliver the right video at the right moment via smart triggers: exit intent, time delay, page scroll, instant display and smart targeting: device type, page URL, traffic source, view restrictions per visitor to avoid intrusiveness.

Moreover, you can monitor your customer engagement with the app’s built-in real-time dashboard on various metrics, ranging from clicks on button rate to play rate, number of impressions, or average view time of your campaigns.

Moreover the app permits you to analyze results on desktop, mobile, or both, and to analyze several campaigns in the same time. The app’s modern popup design will suit any website, without impacting the user experience or the layout of your Shopify store in a negative way. Keep in mind that videos must be authentic and personal, and you can use your smartphone and upload them to Vidjet from your device.

The benefits of using Vidjet on short-term include First mover advantage – Be the first over your competitors and increase your brand recognition, More leads / visitors – The visual aspect of our video popups increase the share rate of your website’s pages by your customers, More repeat purchases – Engaged customers tend to come back browsing on your store to experience again the innovative buying journey, and More conversions from new visitors – When a visitor sees your face, you become a person they can relate to, and your website appears to be trustworthy.


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