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Avoid non serviceable order

Easily let your customer know whether you provide shipping to their area by asking the customer to enter ZIP Code & restrict add to cart.

Don’t miss potential customer

You spent a lot on getting traffic. Don’t let it go waste. Capture email even you don’t provide service in the area. Comes handy on opening.

Find right/demanding location

Simple bar charts to find your potential customers location when you decide to expand your business. Subscribed count for product & location

If you want to avoid non serviceable order, this app has your name on you, as it will easily let your clients know whether you provide shipping to their area by asking them to enter ZIP Code and restrict add to cart if that’s the case. The app also captures emails, so you won’t miss potential customers, even if your store doesn’t provide service in the area, and, on top of that, you’ll get simple bar charts to find your potential customers location when you decide to expand your business.


The Shipping Availability Checker feature allows potential paying customers to check whether their location is serviceable or not by showing a popup and asking them to enter their delivery location ZIP Code, Postcode or Pincode. If you cannot provide services at their desired location, customers can subscribe for waiting list, so that you can inform them when you open your service at the respective location.

It would be a shame to lose traffic to your store if you cannot serve in that area at the moment, but here the Waiting List feature comes into play, by capturing potential customer email now and inform them later when you open service in their area.

If the location is not serviceable, the Restrict Add to Cart feature kicks in, in order to avoid customers from placing non serviceable orders, and this will reduce support costs, time and disappointments from both ends. Keep in mind that Restrict of add to cart is not possible from home and collection pages. If you want to do so, you must contact customer service and they’ll sort things out for you.

Key features of the app include simple to use add any format of zipcode/postcode/pincode, no restrictions whatsoever, restrict add to cart and checkout from product page and cart page, reports to show which zip/post/pin code and products are most subscribed, subscribe to waiting list if their location is not serviceable, create rules to allow or disallow add to cart from specified zip codes, add zip code to all products or only to particular selected products, start with zip codes search is available, and unlimited zip codes can be setup with comma separated values.

Moreover, everything works via one-click enable/disable, with zero coding skills required, design settings are easily customizable, the app has a responsive design and works well across platforms, and you get custom CSS and popup template with handpicked images.


Specification: Zipprover ‑ ZIP Code Checker

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Expert Score 10
  • Proactive tech support team, easy to set up, gets the job done without drama, must have for all those who wish to restrict deliveries to certain pin codes.
  • Nothing really.
Zipprover ‑ ZIP Code Checker
Zipprover ‑ ZIP Code Checker


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