Shopify and Yahoo Partnership Helps Identify Adoption By Sellers Dealing With Loss Of Third-Party Cookies

This sounds very esoteric and tech savvy, but in reality, it’s pretty simple and straightforward.

Basically, word on the street is that the Shopify-Yahoo (is anybody using Yahoo mail or their search engine anymore in 2021? asking for a friend) partnership will improve identity targeting via 3rd party cookies, which is good news for merchants using Shopify’s e-commerce platform, in such they will be able to mitigate the issue of losing 3rd party cookies via using Yahoo Connect ID to help target ads.

Yahoo Connect ID is the company’s alternative to cookie tracking technology and the partnership between these two small-giants if we can force the term, will helps SMEs with access to users on premium publisher sites, and to help achieve targeting without web-browser cookies, thus offering Shopify merchants  a 360-degree view of consumers through their path to purchase.

Shopify merchants will be able to use Yahoo’s Dynamic Product Ads, for retargeting customers across Yahoo properties (search, email etc.), and to personalize users’ unique shopping history.

In theory, this partnership will help Shopify merchants reach millions of new usersacross Finance, TechCrunch, AOL and other Yahoo properties, while Shopify merchants can access Yahoo ConnectID and Yahoo’s Dynamic Product Ads directly in their Shopify admin.

The new app is free to use and can be installed via  the Yahoo Product Ads app available in the Shopify App Store.

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