According to a  new blog post from Shopify’s official website, there are new acessibility requirements for the company’s theme store, and  accessibility specialist Scott Vinkle at Shopify explains  how users can meet the company’s new accessibility requirements which follow after the launch of its Online Store 2.0, a digital marketplace selling themes and apps for Shopify merchant stores. 

We encourage you to read the entire blog post, so you will understand exactly what the requirements are for all new theme submissions with Shopify, provided you’re a developer or you have certain interests in that matter.

As per the blog post:

We want to share clear, concise expectations for our theme partners to follow when designing new themes, so you build with inclusive best practices in mind from the beginning

The post also explains that “accessibility should be baked into every aspect of your theme build”, and encourages users to test all the pages of a certain theme. The tests consist of running a Lighthouse test for objective issues, ensuring defaults of a theme are available, and so on, while mentioning that Shopify will run subjective tests on any submitted themes, with the respective tests detailed in the post.

The Shopify staff member shows with advice how developers can test themes, and describes products, themes must be built with valid HTML, elements that can be focused must feature a visible focus state, and there’s even touch target size that is highlighted for navigating themes on touchscreen devices.

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