Shopify Brings Integrated Retail Hardware and Payments to Germany

Our favorite Canadian e-commerce platform announced recently that it introduced integrated retail hardware and payments to Germany in order to help retailers meet shifting consumer demands.

What does it mean? Well, to make it real easy for our readers, if you’re a merchant on Shopify based in Germany, you will be able to benefit from  unifying the online and offline shopping experience, and that’s because German consumers seem to prefer shopping in brick and mortar stores since the pandemic is basically gone.

For the past year and a half, physical stores were forced to reinvent the way they do business, given government restrictions, quarantines and so on. The covid psychosis radically changed the business environment, and business owners had to adapt/overcome by radically reinventing the way they do business.

This is from a recent study on German consumers:

  • Two thirds of German shoppers said they would like to purchase items in-store and have them shipped to their homes
  • 50% reported they would like to buy online and pick up in store
  • 69% said they would like to be able to check store inventory online before shopping in-store
  • Over half of German shoppers (54%) said they would like physical retail locations to be able to access customers’ online purchasing history 
  • The majority of shoppers in Germany also now show an increased appetite for using contactless payment options. 

So, to help German merchants meet evolving consumer demands, Shopify expanded its integrated retail hardware for Shopify POS, as well as Shopify Payments for in-person transactions to retail merchants in Germany, providing merchants with a unified commerce solution that seamlessly marries online and offline channels, and  offering more ways to accept in-store payments with integrated card readers. 

​​Learn more about how you can unify your in-store and online sales through Shopify POS here, and check out further information about integrated hardware and payments with Shopify POS here.

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