Shopify Employees Found a Noose Emoji Uploaded to Slack

The noose strikes back! In case you don’t know, Slack is a communications platform, something like Whatsapp, and used mostly by businesses. But, unlike Whatsapp, Slack users have a degree of freedom in regard to customizing emojis and what not.

Which brings us to today’s news: according to former Shopify employees, a noose emoji was uploaded in their Slack system back in 2020, and Tobi Lutke silenced internal discussions on the matter.

A few sensitive employees chose to make a big fuss about the emoji (and a corporate promotional video by the way) which was said to be offensive. What is not offensive nowadays, rite? As the bruhaha intensified, Shopify’s CEO changed a diversity-focused channel to be read-only.

Needless to say, drama ensued.

I remember when they told us 30 years ago that diversity is our strength. As diversity intensifies, everything is about race, and unity has gone down the drain. But then again, who cares, right?

So, to make a long SJW story short and sweet, 6 former Shopify employees complained about noose emojis beinguploaded on Slack last year in July, and after a lot of tattle telling, Shopify deleted the racist emoji from their Slack platform.

Incidentally, 2020 was the year of Big George Floyd, the drug dealer/money counterfeiter that died o May 25th while in police custody, and following the very bad optics incident, a huge wave of protests against “racist” police took America by storm.

Needless to say, a lot of diversity hires became race-sensitive and started pushing racial justice inside big-tech companies. Funnily enough, Shopify has a Slack channel called #belonging where social justice issues are discussed (why?).

More precisely, Shopify is now forced by the woke mob to tackle subjects like handling of diversity (our greatest strength), equity, and inclusion, whatever that means.

And these people are never happy, obviously. According to a former Shopify employee, the noose emoji on Slack (that was deleted) represents ” a symbol of lynching for Black communities, so to see that as a Black employee is just really triggering and really difficult”

Most probably, Shopify owes reparations now to POCs, even if Shopify explained that the noose emoji had been uploaded as part of a package of images of popular knots. 

Diversity hires were also offended by a video called “Ten Slack Commandments,” a riff on The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Ten Crack Commandments”, shared by Shopify’s company’s culture team.

The video was basically a funny promotion of Shopify’s newly all-remote workforce announced back in May 2020. CEO Tobi Lütke tweeted a link to the video, saying, “I probably shouldn’t leak internal documents, but I mean.. come on, this is gold.” 

Employees of color did not like it and protested the fact that the company’s riff on the song was rapped by a white man. In the end, Tobias Lutke did the right thing and shut down #belonging, changing it to “read-only”, saying that:

“I’ve been on the Internet for 25 years now and sadly I’ve seen what’s happening here hundreds of times: open and unmoderated forums can turn into echo chambers and those end up with extreme toxicity.I’m deeply disappointed that this is your interpretation of belonging at Shopify. We appear to have forgotten that humans (colleagues!) are on the other side of our messages.” 

In June, Lütke bowed to the woke mob and had said in a tweet that Shopify would be donating $500,000 to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, $250,000 to Canada’s Black Health Alliance, and $250,000 to Campaign Zero.

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