Shopify Faces Tough Competition In Struggle For Share Of The Market

Canadian based e-commerce platform Shopify is currently trying to help emerging companies that want to grow by offering support, tech advice and even financial guidance and loans.

And it’s not surprising that other companies are now trying to walk into the footsteps of this excellent e-commerce company, which interestingly enough, is not alone anymore.

Besides Shopify, there are quite a few young companies out there, led by people who have the same ambition: to show the world how smart they are, how fast they can grow their “babies”, and, why not, make a ton of money in the process.

We start with Fabric, led by Faisal Masud. Faisal is the current CEO of Fabric, and has an impressive resume: He was previously the director of Amazon Basic and Amazon Warehouse and served as chief digital officer and chief technology officer at Staples. He also spent time as chief operating officer of Wing, Alphabet’s drone delivery division. Some of the early users of Fabric are GNC and BarkBox.

The next two “Shopify wannabe” companies are Nacelle and Chord, which are both headless companies, i.e. out of the box e-commerce companies that are specialized in supplying mom and pop stores.

Next, we have Mobify Research and Development Inc., a company acquired last year by SalesForce. The former makes for a progressive Web Apps for e-commerce for retailers and brands, and by progressive, we don’t really know what they mean, which is trying to close the gap between desktop and mobile conversion rates, as well as keep up with customer demand/expectations, and create solid relationships via store drivers and push notifications.

There are many global brands that generate serious revenue through Mobify, and rely on the platform to grow their customer base, the likes of Lancôme. Crabtree and Evelyn, Paula’s Choice, Carnival Cruise Line, London Drugs, Burlington, Pure Formulas, Superdry, Columbia, eXtra Electronics and Think Geek. If you’re not already impressed, you don’t get it.

It remains to be seen if the public has an interest in these new startups, and maybe the best thing they can do is join forces, get together (like merge) in order to gain visibility, and then create a second Shopify, or, why not, a solid competitor for Amazon Inc.

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