Shopify Joins eSports Forming Rebellion Organization

What Shopify have to do with eSports you asked? The honest truth is: absolutely nothing, as both Harvey Finkelstein and Tobias Lutke look (and talk) like the exact opposite of gamers!

But, the good news is that Shopify decided to turn its imaginary face to the gaming world and formed a new eSports organization called Rebellion. Why Rebellion?

That’s an easy one: Shopify is a multi-billion dollar corporation and word on the street has it that people on the left siding with transnational corporations , Big Tech and mainstream media are fighting against the dark side of the force, which is represented by the right-wing in the US; you know, Trump voters being the devil incarnate and all that, while Antifa/BLM with corporate/mass media sponsorship are the good guys, aka the Rebels, to use a Star Wars analogy.

Clown world aside, Rebellion is now a thing, and they even have a Twitter page and website dedicated to the organization. To start out, Rebellion will compete in Starcraft 2, a game that company owner Tobias Lütke is quite fond of. Shopify plans to extend Rebellion’s efforts to more games in the future.

“We want to take a deep dive into what makes esports so great; the human stories that are told in-game and off-screen. The wit. Discipline. Endless pursuit of mastery. What better way than to begin this journey than with three legendary players, playing a game so historically important for esports. After all, it is arguably the game that started it all. We are the Shopify Rebellion.”

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