Shopify Joins Google on Online Shopping Expansion

Shopify and Google are now partners, as the latter announced that the former’s over 1.7 million merchants will have the opportunity to reach customers via Google Search and various other Google powered services.

This is big news for Shopify, as the partnership gives the Canadian e-commerce platform the possibility to expand world-wide, to the moon, you know the crypto-palaver.

The Google-Shopify partnership allows merchants to sign up easily and rapidly in order to see their products promoted by Google Search, which has over 1 billion hits every day via Search, Maps, Images, Lens and YouTube, which are all owned by Google.

We don’t have all the technical details of the Google-Shopify integration announced during Google’s I/O Developer event, but according to ‘word on the street’, Google is trying to counter Amazon’s  increased investment in its own advertising business.

Basically, Amazon is perceived as a threat by Google, more precisely Google Shopping is the main driver of income for Google, and Amazon is trying to make big bucks on ads. And that’s not kosher.

Shopify merchants will have access to Google’s “Shopping Graph”, which delivers various information from across the web, things like product data, videos, price reviews et al, pulled directly from brands and retailers, in order to keep online shoppers informed about where to find items, how well they were received, which merchant has the best price, and so on.

And this Shopping Graph is available across Google’s platforms, regardless of what you do, i.e. browsing YouTube or Google Searching products to buy. This partnership doesn’t mean that every Shopify-powered store will be included on Google Search, but it will definitely help merchants to leverage the new options via SEO practices and stuff like that.

After the news broke on the Google-Shopify partnership,  the stock popped 3.52%.

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