Shopify Launches Shopify Inbox, a New Centralized Chat Product for Merchants

If you’re a Shopify merchant, and there are millions of you out there, the good news for today is that the Canadian e-commerce platform recently released a new (free) product, Shopify Inbox respectively, which is aimed at unifying existing chat tools available on the platform in order to help merchants simplify/centralize customer conversations.

Sounds awesome, right? Basically, Shopify Inbox is the best of both worlds, and by that I mean Shopify Chat and Ping, as it works by putting messages from online store chat, email, and social media in one place, i.e. merchants are now able to see them instantly and respond to them easily. Also, Shopify Inbox allows customers to use  integrations with Facebook Messenger and Apple Business Chat in order to connect seamlessly with merchants.

Speaking of merchants, there are new perks included in Shopify Inbox, i.e.  access to new data-driven insights that aim to help sellers better understand their business and close more sales.

According to Shopify insiders, the Inbox chat feature is a big deal, more precisely “the biggest update to Shopify’s conversational commerce products in over a year.”

This is from Arpan Podduturi, Shopify’s head of product for retail and apps:

“This is a quickly evolving space. Inbox is going to help a lot of entrepreneurs discover new ways to connect with buyers and innovate on commerce.”

According to Shopify’s internal data, web store visitors engaged in chat conversations with merchants on the platform are 70% more likely to convert into paying customers, and the new feature allows automated messages to be created , stuff like away messages and order updates via chat.

Moreover, merchants can now engage with customers via email and SMS, in order to share custom discount codes to increase their sales, not to mention they have access to customer data, such as the contents of customer carts and chat performance.

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