Shopify Partners with Roku to Increase Access to CTV Ad Campaigns

If you’re a merchant on Shopify, the good news for today is that Roku is now allowing sellers to purchase and develop TV ad campaigns.

The exact launching date of the app (yes, it’s an app obviously) is not yet known, but most probably it will happen before Christmas.

However, there are a few “selected” brands that are currently testing the app in its beta version, and we’re talking about prebiotic soda brand Olipop, loungewear manufacturer Jambys, and bean bag company Moon Pod.

The beta thing doesn’t offer full functionality, as it makes for something along the lines of  self-service tools in a limited pilot.

Here’s from the presser:

“The Roku-Shopify partnership allows for easy entry into the streaming ads space. Connected TV (CTV) and OTT are becoming increasingly valuable channels in the paid media space and have proven to be a significant driver of brand awareness for Olipop.”

said Audrey Bryce, growth marketing manager at Olipop.

According to insiders talking to eMarketer, Shopify merchants will be given ad space between 15- and 30-second primarily within The Roku Channel content.

Roku is the first company to offer this type of marketing aimed at SMBs, and truth be told, the competition in this niche is not quite hot.

Amazon offers video ads, but you’ll have to spend at least $35,000 to be featured on their platform. Hulu also features a self-service ad platform, but it’s also in invite-only/beta phase.

As an interesting factoid for Shopify merchants curious about the opportunity to sell their products on Roku, the company reported 55 million active customers that streamed 17.4 billion hours of content with revenue up 81% from last year to $645 million.

And unlike regular TV ads, Shopify merchants selling on Roku can pay as they go and directly upload ad assets themselves.


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