Shopify Party Reimagines the Future of Remote Working

To make it real easy for our readers, Shopify Party is basically an experimentation in the future of remote work by our favorite e-commerce company; more precisely, as per its name, Shopify Party is an internal game that aims to make virtual hangouts more fun.

Why virtual hangouts? Well, that’s an easy one: because of the “chynavirus” to quote from the classics, that made normal social interactions a thing of the past, unfortunately.

So, since many are now working from home, here’s Daniel Beauchamp, Principal AR/VR Engineer for Shopify:

There are many tools for virtual hangouts, but most focus on using video chat to recreate the office experience.”

“We wanted to give people a break from video fatigue, and make a space designed for social play and being silly.”

Everything is browser based, so you can play it on anything, plus the game is designed to allow people hop in and out at any time, which is kind of awesome.

Here’s more from Mr. Beauchamp:

“It’s made in Unity + WebGL, with the amazing Nomcore library powering all the networking functionality. The core experience was built over 3 months by @byrondelgado (Byron Delgado, UX Lead, AR/VR at Shopify) and myself. Big shout out to our culture tools team who helped with integration & rollout!

“My favourite feedback is from the people who say they feel more comfortable and less anxious participating in this playful setting than in a large video call,”

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