Shopify Purchases More Direct Air Capture Carbon Removal Than Any Other Company

Our favorite Canadian company just broke the world record on carbon removal. As of today, the company purchased more DAC (direct air capture) carbon removal than any other in history and we’re talking about 15,000 metric tons of permanent carbon removal.

The historic milestone arrives with the agreement to purchase 10,000 metric tons from  Carbon Engineering, that on top of the previous 5,000-tonne commitment to Climeworks.

It’s worth mentioning that Shopify also invests at least $5 million/year to fight climate change via its Sustainability Fund , with the end goal being to encourage/finance the development of the most innovative/highest potential projects and technologies.

One such technology is Direct Air Capture, which replaces the job of trees, i.e. it captures carbon from the atmosphere and stores it by employing basic chemical reactions.

According to modern climate theory, there is too much carbon in the air, and the DAC thing allows customers to pay for a private company to do what trees do naturally for millions of years, i.e. pulling CO2 (pant food basically) from the air and releasing oxygen by photosynthesis.

Shopify is currently partnering with Carbon Engineering, which is going to deliver its new CO₂ removal service via a partnership with 1PointFive , an US based company. The latter will allow customers to pay to safely and permanently lock away captured carbon at massive scale by using Carbon Engineering’s DAC technology. 

The 2 companies are engaged in a joint-venture project, a carbon removal facility on an industrial scale, which is going to become operational in 2024, at which point it will capture up to one million tons of carbon dioxide each year.

Just to give you a little bit of context, to remove 1 million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere would require planting 1 million trees. On top of removing CO2, trees also enrich the atmosphere with oxygen, and make for a nice habitat for biodiversity.

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