Shopify’s CEO Welcomes Workers Barred from U.S

Canada is awesome said Chief Executive Officer Tobias Lutke to workers barred from US by former president Donald Trump. Basically, Shopify touts its “homeland” Canada as a relocation option for people looking to make a living in North America.

Former president Trump temporarily suspended several employment-based visas, more precisely he issued a freeze on new H1B1 work visas last year. Here’s Toby:

 “If this affects your plans consider coming to Canada instead. If getting to the U.S. is your main objective you can still move on south after the H1-B rules change. But Canada is awesome. Give it a try.”

Yeah, Canada is awesome, we can confirm. Most of the people refused entry to the US (and now welcome in Canada) are working in the tech and hospitality industry, and Shopify could certainly use some tech-talents.

The visa-freeze directive has garnered significant backlash from tech behemoths like Inc. and Microsoft Corp. looking for cheap workers, but it’s most probably highly popular among college graduates in US who try to get a well paid tech job , considering they’ve all got student loans that must be paid off and so on.

Shopify already has a ton of experience with relocating people given the covid pandemic, and we believe they’re going to make it.

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