Video eCommerce Platform Immerss Brings Service for Shopify Merchants

Immerss is a world-renowned live video e-commerce and chat platform, and the good news for Shopify merchants is that starting from, like, today, the Immerse Shop Live app is now available in the Shopify store.

What does it mean?

Well, if you’re selling stuff on Shopify, using the Immerse Shop Live app will allow you to create an experience for in-person virtual shopping.

To be more precise, Shopify merchants will be able to connect to a sales associate via live shoppable video, which makes for a life-like shopping experience all the way to checkout.

This technology is designed to increase customer engagement and help Shopify merchants increase the average order value, as well as lower the rate of product returns.

The new app offers  a live video co-shopping, shoppable chat, with outbound clienteling, and basically lets Shopify merchants to offer a face to face shopping experience to their customers.

Customers can also connect within the chat with a branded widget and/or contact customer service via messaging, share new products or schedule a call with tech support.

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